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Coach has method that helps conscious woman attract higher quality awakened partners.

Paul 'Fabulous' from Canadian Muskokas.

What will your relationship 'STORY' Be?

Some women find their partners early in life, maybe even in high school. They are together for decades and happily for the rest of their lives. You may have admired their relationships and even been a little envious.

Especially around the holidays or family events.

But what about you? Why aren't you with your ideal person? Maybe you are with someone today but it just doesn't match what you had in mind.

Maybe something about your partner, or the ones you were with, doesn't seem to fit you and the life you want.

And why does it seem so hard to find someone when you are a little further on in life?

You might ask, will I ever meet someone great for me? Will I ever have the relationship I love? What am I doing wrong and do I fix it?

Let's step back for a minute. Let's look at you from a higher perspective.

What if the challenges you've had in relationship were actually created by you? Not as a mistake. But you actually created these challenges in finding and being with the perfectly suited person, on purpose?

I mean, what if your 'soul' or higher aspect of yourself designed you to NOT be able to easily meet your match?

So the difficulties you've had with relationships, up until today when you are reading this, were designed to give you a precious opportunity to learn or see or shift something in how you are living and creating in your life?

What if you saw that you could actually experience deeper love, and become more masterful in creating your life by NOT having an easy time with relationship. That you set it up to feel challenging because that would get you to look deeper into yourself, not to fix anything about you, but to help LIFT you to a higher level of living and creating?

Alternatively, perhaps you haven't met your ideal person because the 'timing wasn't right'. So when things 'line up' at the correct time there he or she will be waiting for you. And everything will fit into place. And you will live happily ever after.

That could be true.

Or there is a divine gift in the challenge you have faced. To help you grow and get to the place where you are now ready for a more significant LIFE shift.

Because you are reading this, there is a high likely-hood that your guiding spirit or soul brought you to this moment where you are invited into a MAJOR LIFE SHIFT ( mls ).

You are at the exact moment in time where you are ready to see life in a whole new way, where you can finally unlock the love within you. You can learn to create on a profoundly satisfying level, not just love and a lover, but anything you desire in life?

What if this life-long searching for someone was you actually being prepared to become the masterful Creator of your life. Where you can learn to shift your energy, remove all your unconscious blocks that may have held you back, and powerfully create your life the way you really want it.

What if this journey of finding your ideal partner and creating your ideal relationship together is simply a ruse, or a divine excuse to fall in love with who you are, fall in love with life, so when you quickly attract your lover you will already be feeling and living so completely FULL that your hubby is icing on THE CAKE?

Wouldn't your relationship be easy then? If you are already fulfilled and complete being the powerful creator of your live, little things just wouldn't faze you. You would be so powerful and centred and happy, that you could easily withstand any challenge in your relationship.

And maybe when you are living this fullest possibility of YOU, you no longer will need to believe that you in fact need anything from this partner. He can be exactly as he is and you will be happy as a clam.

She can do anything she wants, whatever floats her boat and you are loving it. Loving her. And Loving you.

Is considering this possibility for your life messing with your head?

It would. Because we've been conditioned to think in terms of limitation and needing to be 'lucky'.

But if you have read this far, it is far more likely that you are being called home to a deeper experience and truth of YOU.

If you feel called to purchase and use this METHOD, you will find no relationship tips or quick 'hacks'.

Instead you will learn how to quickly fall in love with you, with life. You will discover how to release blocks that have been creating patterns in your unconscious. You will learn how to release these. And you will learn how to be the powerful creator of your life.

You will learn how to live more masterfully in your life, using creating your ideal partnership as a pathway to inner transformation.

And that is exactly when your ideal partner will KNOW that you are now ready for them.

Do you see that the highly conscious person you really want, your highest choice in this lifetime, actually wants you to become this full experience of you?

He is waiting for you to shift inside and live in the highest frequency that will be a match for him.

She has been waiting for you to come on-board to higher creative potential of you. Because this is who she will fall in love with.

Do you want the highest match for you? If so, what are you waiting for?

Note: the method can also be used to heal or fix or re-write your current relationship if you are in a partnership today.

Sonia had never been with a man who felt completely right for her. She wanted someone who loved everything about her. Within six weeks of starting the method she met the man of her dreams and today they are happily living together.

Hania was with a lovely young man she loved. But things felt too challenging, and she was afraid he would not 'step up'. Within 8 weeks of starting the method Hania re-wrote her relationship to become everything she wanted. Today they have a baby boy and purchased their first house together.

Sam Palmer

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"I'm with someone now already! A lot has to do with you Paul."


Sam Palmer

"I thought I had to get my partner had to change. But I applied the method myself and it was as if my honey became the man I wanted him to be. Loving each other again!"