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'You won't believe how much this adds to my life.'

“Paul, I SO value this. You won't believe how much this adds to my life."

- Anne Marie Frackowiak

“Paul, I used to feel nervous in groups, especially speaking. I'm now feeling comfortable (speaking) with people all around me. "

Mercy - Joy Village Nigeria

Sessions always fill me with joy.

Paul, you are so kind, empathetic and innovative and our sessions always fill me with joy.

Taranah Gazder - Scotland

Paul, being with you feels like being in a temple

I feel such a serene presence with you that is SO helpful - Debbie Osborne TW “

No matter what happens I now always feel strong and calm.

'Paul, this work with you has changed everything for me. I always feel both strong and calm in every situation.

Dr Barbara Frackowiak

"Paul my happiness and Freedom has soared!"

I became the leader and teacher I always wanted! This is thanks to working with you. My happiness and freedom has soared.'

Mo Manmohan Fabulous

“- Manmohan Mo Fabulous

'Paul what you did for me is helped me find my FREEDOM! My relationship and voice were a bonus. ' - Anand

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' Paul you help me find my Freedom. I've become Mo Fabulous! ' - Mo 'Fabulous'



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